Create the perfect garage.

We get it. Our lives are busy and filled with many different activities and hobbies all vying for our attention. Orange County literally allows you to do it all. If you are like us, you get a thrill thinking about the possibilities for adventure every time you step into your garage. Let us help you build your perfect garage setup.

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Whether you have a collection of tools, surfboards, sports equipment, or sports cars - it makes all the difference when things are organized properly - and when it comes to keeping your things organized, clean and secure, nobody does it better than we do.

Cabinets and garage organization systems that support all your hobbies

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Cabinet Surface Options

Thermally Fused Laminate Cabinets: All cabinet surfaces are protected by a thermally fused laminate finish and banded edge. This finish prevents damage from moisture, stains, and chipping.

Powder Coated Cabinets: The premiere option. If you are looking for the highest level of cabinet protection, then this is it. Powder Coated cabinets are environment-resistant and are more durable than most finishes on the market.

Our custom products are both lasting and durable. We build our cabinets with thick, one-inch shelves, which can easily handle load-bearing weight up to 100 lbs. This means your sporting goods and power tools aren’t going anywhere. Garage cabinets “float” above the floor on stable wall mounts, making cleanup a breeze. Plus, our lifetime warranty on all wood products promises no sagging shelves.

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Door Options

Capistrano GarageDesign offers two types of cabinet doors.

Hinged Door Cabinet: Full-swing door hinges allow doors to open wide for easy access to your belongings.

Dual-Track Sliding System: This style provides easy access inside the cabinets without the need to move a parked vehicle.

We offer endless ways to customize your garage cabinets in a completely unique way that matches your needs.

Color Selection: Traditional cabinets come in seven classic colors so you can match your garage cabinets to your personality.  Choose from matte white, solid slate, maple, coco, metallic silver, windswept pewter, or metallic bronze.

Space Control: Other standard cabinets come with bulky swinging doors that can easily hit your car or knock over valuable equipment. Our custom garage cabinets feature an innovative sliding door system to protect your vehicle and make it easy to access the contents within.

Custom Options: Choose from a wide variety of cabinet heights, depths and widths to further customize your garage storage system. We even offer extra deep cabinets large enough to fit large storage bins fit front to back on a shelf. Double capacity? We’ll take it!

Quality: We don’t cut corners when it comes to providing the best cabinetry. Our backing is solid wood and provides the best protection against insects and dirt. Our one-inch shelving is 25 percent thicker than the industry standard. Our commitment to quality gives you a load-bearing capacity of 100-pounds. How’s that for heavy duty? Garage cabinetry is anchored directly to your garage wall about six-inches above the ground. This will protect your cabinet from flooding, insects and the occasional Santa Ana winds should you forget to close the garage door. Quality is our priority when it comes to the life of your garage cabinets. Don’t believe us? Believe our lifetime warranty: if any wood product breaks within normal use during the life of the product, we’ll replace it for free – no questions asked. It’s time to love your garage. Request a complimentary in-home garage design estimate today and experience the industry’s leading custom garage organization system for yourself.

"Beyond stoked"

“Capistrano Garage worked with us to create the most excellent balanced garage we could ever imagine. Beyond stoked”

— T.B.

"I highly recommend"

“Orange County is filled with one and done guys. Its nice to know there are still quality businesses out there invested in honest work and commitment to doing things right from start to finish. I highly recommend.

— M.L.

"Thank you Guys"

Now we finally have it all. Our garage was always super disorganized and cluttered, golf clubs, surfboards, tools etc. Capo Garage came up with the slickest design, completely transforming our garage. Thank you guys!

— S.H.


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